Marshall AR-DM2-B ARDM2B 16 Ch Audio Monitor Color LCD ARDM-HDSDI ARDM-AES-BNC
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For sale is ONE (1) used 16channels audio/video monitor. It comes with two AES Audio cards and one HDSDI video card. Good working condition with some minor scratches/scuffs. Actual photos are showed. Power cords are not included unless mentioned in the description.

The Marshall Electronics ARDM2B 16 Channel Audio Monitor with Colored LCD takes up only two rack units of space an supports up to 16 audio channels. There are also four slots available for interchangeable input and output modules.

The ARDM2 comes with 100% digital processing you get pristine audio quality and unrivaled flexibility. Marshall Electronics also boosts the audio quality be including Class D amplification, selectable stereo downmix modes, Dolby Digital, a 1/4 headphone jack with level control, and an RS485 port for onsite firmware updates

The colored LED monitors signal presence and system status with both VU and peak metering. Audio playback is supported with two magnetically shielded loudspeakers.

  • With 100% Digital, Class D, processing you get the best quality audio possible.
  • The four open slots let you customize your input/output modules to perfectly suit your needs.
  • The large navigation buttons makes it very easy to access Channel, Group, Mix, Dolby, Balance Selection and saved configurations.

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