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Wohler Confidence VMMDA-1 HD/SD-SDI, AES and Digital / Analog Audio Monitor
Fully Functional
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For sale is ONE (1) used audio monitor in excellent condition, tested.

The compact and light VMMDA-1 2-Channel HD/SD-SDI, AES, and Digital / Analog Audio Monitor from Wohler Technologies is a compact and lightweight unit offering full-range fidelity. Two front-firing midrange tweeter speakers and a compact high-performance woofer are arranged in its bi-amp design. The speaker systems are protected against blowout by limiters. The summed bass feature allows for audible detection of out-of-phase conditions.

Electronic rather than acoustic cancellation of bass frequencies provides positive audible detection of out-of-phase (reversed polarity) audio feeds. The unit features two 10-segment VU LED bar graph level meters. Fast and averaging phase LEDs give visual alert of out-of-phase conditions. A 3-way toggle switch selects between the analog or digital inputs.

  • Only one rack space high, but produces a powerful 96 dB SPL at 2 ft
  • Electronic power output limiting prevents speaker blowout
  • Thorough magnetic shielding allows placement next to video monitors
  • Headphone jack with speaker muting
  • Balanced analog inputs
  • AES input on balanced Phoenix connector and unbalanced BNC connector
  • Selectable termination on AES input
  • Balanced stereo analog output of selected source
  • Volume and balance controls (jumper configurable as A volume/B-volume by specifying the option SVC)
  • Monitors analog, AES, and SD-SDI or HD-SDI audio sources
  • Source selected using a front panel 3-position toggle switch (analog, AES, or SDI)
  • One of 8 channel pairs from SDI groups 1 to 4 selectable with front panel rotary switch (when SDI is the selected source)

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