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Evertz 7812XC-3G 3G and HD Cross Converter for 7800FR 3RU - No Backplane

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The 7812XC–3G is a Broadcast Quality Cross Converter that converts between common 3G/SMPTE ST 424M video signals. This module supports frame synchronization and external genlock inputs (card and frame reference) for video timing adjustments. The 7812XC series incorporates Mosquito Noise Reduction (MNR) and Block Artifact Reduction (BAR) in addition to motion adaptive spatial–temporal (3D) noise reduction. The 7812XC series also incorporates new de–interlacing technologies for superior resolution and artifact reduction.
The 7812XC series supports broadcast quality scaling and offers both standard and user–defined ARC modes. AFD (SMPTE ST 2016) based steering of ARC modes and stamping AFD codes is fully supported. Transitions between AFD modes are frame accurate/glitch free.
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For sale is ONE (1) used cross converter card. It is a replacement card as we do not have a backplane for it. Tested with a borrowed one. Good working condition with some minor scratches/scuffs. We have a few units for sale (1 per listing price). This is one of them. All others are in same condition.
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Only 2 units available!
  • Broadcast quality cross conversions between common 3G/SMPTE ST 424M video signals (–3G versions)
  • Integrated frame synchronization capabilities
  • Support for card reference and 7800FR frame reference
  • Advanced noise reduction technologies (3D NR, MNR, BAR)
  • Supports standard and user–defined aspect ratio conversions