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Miranda Grass Valley iControl Server iC-BASE EDITION V2 v6.03 0448-8200-118

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A highly adaptable television signal and network monitoring system, iControl is compatible with multiple advanced electronic supervision technologies, including Monitoring by Exception. It offers electronic probing with macroblock detection, lip sync error and content mismatch detection using video/audio fingerprints. Leveraging SNMP and monitoring rich visual and acoustic monitoring, it enables highly customized monitoring and control systems for broadcasters and pay TV operators, including advanced, end-to-end Network Management Systems.
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For sale is ONE (1) used iControl platform server to control almost everything in the studio. See licence pages with all enabled licences. Version of iControl is 6.03. Can be upgraded with Grass Valley to higher versions. Almost all of them are enabled. Excellent condition with some minor scratches/scuffs. Power cords are not included unless mentioned in the description.rnWe have a few units for sale (1 per listing price). This is one of them. All others are in same condition.
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  • iControl is the most complete end-to-end, signal and facility monitoring system for broadcasters and television service providers
  • All the elements involved in the production, processing and playout of television signals can be controlled from a single, integrated GUI
  • Highly graphical views, with full motion and high quality streaming video, allow operators to quickly identify and respond to alarms, and thereby reduce the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • System is geared towards simplifying operations so that a single user can control more channels or a broader range of monitoring tasks
  • Easily scales from small projects, with a few signals in a single room, to the largest systems with hundreds of services across multiple locations.
  • Monitoring by Exception allows operators to focus their attention on television channels with alarm conditions, without distraction from correctly functioning channels
  • High level of control and monitoring of Grass Valley and third-party devices by combining SNMP control protocols with feedback from full motion and high quality streaming video
  • With its SNMP Manager functions, iControl interfaces to all SNMP-enabled devices, and users can establish their own SNMP interfaces