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Evertz 7867VIPA32-DUO-HS-DIN 3G/HD/SD Multi Image Display Processor Multiviewer

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The VIP Advanced DUO series are available in five sizes: eight inputs, 16 inputs, 18 inputs, 24 inputs and 32 inputs each with up to two outputs. The VIPA-DUO inputs are auto-sensing SD, HD, 3G. Each VIP-A-DUO input can be displayed in any size, position or aspect ratio on any display. Both display outputs from the VIP-A-DUO are provided over DVI and HD-SDI, which are available simultaneously. The VIP-A-DUO provides the best quality input reproduction, borrowing the latest in video processing technology from Evertz® industry acclaimed conversion products.
The VIPA-DUO series are hot-swappable devices, which can be populated in Evertz® widely installed 3RU 7800 multi-frame chassis with an option for redundant power supplies. The VIPA DUO series are VistaLINK® -capable, offering remote monitoring, control and confi guration capabilities via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). The VIPA-DUO is easily confi gurable via the web server interface orrncard edge. Similar to the MVP®, layout creation can be performed in a live control environment using Evertz® Maestro™ software. Other key features include automatic aspect ratio adjustment on a source-by-source basis, graticule generation, VITC/HD time code decode, and much more.
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For sale is ONE (1) used 32 channel multiviewer. The unit has ~HS i nthe model number but it was upgraded to 3G and will accept 3G signals (see last photo feeding 3G Level A from the generator. One the LCD it is a very first test pattern. The other window/pattern is from HD generator). Card comes complete with its backplane and sets of mounting screws. Good working condition with some minor scratches/scuffs. Actual photos are showed. The monitor/LCD and 7800FR Frame are showed only for a reference and they are not included.rnIf you need a frame - please inquire as we do carry a lot of these frames for sale.
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  • Accepts 32 inputs with embedded audio
  • Uses Evertz® next generation image processing technology, which is the same technology used in conversion products
  • Auto-sensing 3G/HD/SD inputs
  • Supports display resolutions of up to 1920x1200p on both outputs simultaneously
  • Allows for full screen viewing of any input on both outputs
  • Supports both DVI and HD-SDI outputs (active simultaneously)
  • Supports advanced on screen graphics, including analog clocks, transparency control of objects, raised bezels and borders, drop shadows, and bitmap backgrounds
  • Built-in video, audio, and data fault monitoring with on screen fault notification