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Tektronix WFM8300 3G/HD/SDI Multi Format Monitor OPT: 3G CPS 3D PROD PHY

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Options installed are: 3G - Adds support for 3G-SDI signal formats, CPS: Composite Analog Input, 3D - Adds Stereoscopic 3-D Video Monitoring Capabilities, PHY: Physical Layer Measurements Package, PROD: Post Production Package
The WFM8300 features the complete range of options of the product family and comes standard with HD/SD-SDI and Dual Link video formats support. It provides high-performance monitoring and measurement for applications for a wide range of formats from Composite Analog to SD-SDI, HD-SDI, Dual Link video formats, and 3G-SDI video signals. The WFM8300 offers support for a variety of audio formats for analog, digital AES/EBU, digital embedded, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby E
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For sale is ONE (1) used Tektronix monitor loaded with options: 3G CPS 3D PROD PHY. Very good working condition except audio board which did not pass the test. We decided to include the audio board even it is not working as somebody might fix it. All other functions work flawlessly. Actual photos are showed. Comes with a rackmount as photographed.
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  • WFM8300 come standard with auto-detection of HD/SD-SDI and multiple Dual Link video formats
  • Square Division and 2-Sample Interleave 4K/UHDTV1 format support (requires Options 4K, 3G and 2SDI)
  • WFM8300 also comes standard with Simultaneous Input Monitoring capability, ANC Data Inspector, and numerical/graphical display of A/V delay for analog, digital audio (Opt. AD), and Dolby (Opt. DPE)
  • Multiple Input Mode allows monitoring of 2 to 4 SDI inputs simultaneously (4-input mode requires Opt. 2SDI)
  • Most accurate 3G-SDI jitter waveform display and eye pattern display in the waveform series and patented cable length measurement (Opt. PHY with Opt. 3G)
  • Black Picture and Tektronix-patented Frozen Picture Detection
  • Tektronix-patented Timing and Lightning Displays
  • Tektronix patented Diamond and Arrowhead Displays for Gamut Monitoring
  • Most Comprehensive Audio Monitoring (Opt. AD or Opt. DPE)
  • Most In-depth Digital Data Analysis Helps Quickly Resolve Dif´Čücult Content Quality and Reliability Issues (standard WFM8300)