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Studio Technologies Studiocomm Model 78 Central Controller for Surround

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A StudioComm for Surround system starts with the Model 78 Central Controller. Occupying just one rack space, it allows connection of two 8-channel inputs and an 8-channel monitor output. The Model 79 Control Console is a compact, comfortable command center designed to reside at the operator’s location. With the StudioComm for Surround system any audio console, disk-based recording system, or broadcast facility can have a complete 7.1 multichannel monitor system.
The Model 78 Central Controller is a single rack-space unit that contains analog, digital, and power supply electronics. Two 8-channel analog sources can be connected. In many applications the first input, Surround A, will be connected to a multichannel output on an audio console or digital audio workstation. The second input, Surround B, will be connected to a playback device, such as a multitrack tape recorder or disk storage system. For film or video post applications Surround A would be considered the direct source, while Surround B would be considered the playback source. For flexibility, the inputs are compatible with balanced or unbalanced signals having a nominal level range of –12 dBV to +6 dBu. Fifteen-turn trim potentiometers are used to precisely calibrate the input signals.
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  • The Model 78/Model 79 combination is expressly designed to support 8-channel 7.1 monitoring, with the input channels designated as left, right, center, LFE, surround left, surround right, back left, and back right. While it is anticipated that this channel arrangement will be quite common, the channels can obviously be used in alternative arrangements. Using the system with 5.1 sources is also perfectly acceptable.