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Evertz 7700R16x16-3G

16x16 3G/HD/SD Modular Router Board + Backplane

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Evertz 7700R16x16-3G

16x16 3G/HD/SD Modular Router Board + Backplane

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Key Features
  • The 7700R16x16 router is compatible with the existing ranges of Quartz routers, remote control panels and control systems.
  • The 7700R16x16 router is a fully independent stand alone router including an internal Frame Controller module which supports a single Q-Link, dual serial ports and an Ethernet port on the rear of the router.
  • Any panel(s) from the entire range of Quartz remote control panels can be used with the 7700R16x16 router connected via Q-Link or Ethernet. (Exceptions: CP-1024E, CP-1040E, CP-2272E)
  • The 7700R16x16 router can be remotely controlled via an external third party control device, such as an automation system, when connected to the router's serial or Ethernet ports.
  • The 7700R16x16 is housed in the typical Evertz 7800FR frame and so can be run with dual power supplies ensuring continuous operation.
  • Full broadcast specifications
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