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Miranda GV ADX-3981 3G/HD/SD 8 AES Audio & Metadata De-Embedder 3981-75D-3DRP-F
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For sale is ONE (1) used audio de-embedder for Densite 3RU frame. Very good condition with some minor scratches/scuffs. It comes with a 3RU backplane 3DRP-F for Densite frame. Because we have a quantity of these, appearances may vary, but condition is guaranteed to be better or equal to pictured sample. Serial numbers are unique to each unit sold. They may be different from one depicted in the photos.

The ADX-3981 is an advanced, high-quality audio processor which de-embeds up to eight AES signals at 48 kHz from a 3G/HD/SD video signal. The ADX-3981 can simultaneously process up to 32 channels of audio (16 channels from the embedded audio input plus others generated internally). Functions include downmixing, proc amp, mixing and loudness measurement. The ADX-3981 generates audio/video fingerprints (via an iControl option) to detect and measure lip-sync errors in a broadcast facility.

  • 3G/HD/SD input
  • Supports 3 Gb/s level A (mapping 1) and level B
  • Automatic detection of input video loss and switchover to local grey for continuous audio/video output synchronization
  • Flexible HD/SD reference using the internal URS frame reference
  • Optional optical fiber module (corresponding backplabe is included)
  • Linear timecode (LTC) embedding into DVITC (SD) or ATC (HD)
  • RS-422 serial data input and output to carry audio metadata
  • 3 GPI I/O that can be inserted or extracted in the TC user bits. They can also be used for automation, user preset recall and loudness reset
  • Full audio shuffling and mixing on a channel basis
  • 32 channels internal audio processing

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