Miranda GV Densite Mini Kaleido KMV-3911 SD/HD/3G-SDI 8x2 Multiviewer 3G Option
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For sale is ONE (1) used KMV-3911 multiviewer board in Densite Mini chassis. Very good condition. This is a terminal version of Kaleido designed for 3RU Densite or Densite MIni frames. 3G, Embedded Audio are licensed for the inputs. 3D support, SDI monitoring output and 2nd head activation are enabled on the output section. Actual photos are showed. Frame comes with a power supply included.

The Kaleido-Modular KMV-3911 and KMV-3901 cards can display up to eight 3Gbps, HD, or SD inputs in up to eight video windows across one or two high-resolution outputs. By using optional cascading bridges, up to three KMV-3901/3911 cards can be configured into a single- or dual-output system supporting up to 24 inputs.

  • 20 quad-splits, or ten 8-input KMV-3901/3911 multiviewer cards, per 3RU frame
  • Ideal for installation within studios, control rooms and trucks
  • Outstanding multiviewer picture quality, based on award-winning Kaleido technology, with all essential display elements for production
  • The KMV-3911 supports up to two HD-SDI monitoring outputs (one associated with Head 1, and one with Head 2 if enabled), with embedded audio

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