Evertz HDSD9545DLY-PRO HD/SD Video Delay / Time Shift Processor (30s for HD)
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For sale is ONE (1) delay/ time shift processor. Good to very good working condition with minor wear and tear, scratches and some scuffs. Because we have a quantity of these, appearances may vary, but condition is guaranteed to be better or equal to pictured sample. Power cords are not included.

The Evertz HDSD9545DLY-PRO Time shifting delay processor has been designed to give an operator complete control over the program content being broadcast to air. This product enables the operator to insert the desired time delay via a front panel control and display panel. There are two program paths which are HD and SD compatible.

The main program feed will usually be focused on the main detailed action. Both channels are delayed by the same amount. If an unscheduled switch to an alternate source is required, the operator has only to hit one remote button to cause the program video and audio output to be clean switched to the alternative back-up channel. The output can be returned to the main program content without interruption to the video, or pops and clicks in the audio.

  • HD or SD SDI compatible
  • Embedded Audio and Discrete (4ch AES) Audio Support
  • Monitoring outputs of delayed program and delayed backup can be provided
  • Selectable quad split monitoring outputs
  • Safe input frame capture
  • Clean transition between program and backup feed
  • Supports program video blur features
  • Relay bypass protection for video and audio
  • 30 seconds HD or 180s for SD delay on HDSD9545DLY-PRO model

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