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RTS Telex KP-32 Intercom Keypanel ADAM Cronus Zeus KP32 2.3.0 Blue Lens 5 Pin
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For sale is ONE (1) used KP-32 intercom keypanel in good to very good condition. Panel runs on latest software v2.3.0. LCD lens is blue. Actual photos are showed. Unit was tested. Power supply is NOT included as most of the clients buy it as a replacement unit. Photos show some glitch on the display but LCD works just fine. If you need more of KP-32 or KP-12 look for our other listings.

The RTS model KP-32 Classic keypanel fits in a standard 19 inch rack and is two rack spaces high. It has 32 lever keys: 30 keys are for intercom talk/listen assignment; one key is for call waiting response; and one key is for headset/microphone/program selection and volume setup. The KP-32 Classic combines all of the programmable features of the KP-12 keypanel. The KP-32 Classic features digital signal processing and binaural headset operation with left/right assignment of audio signals. It also has large, super-bright, long-life fluorescent displays with adjustable brightness control, making it suitable for all types of ambient lighting.

  • 32 Lever Keys with 30 Keys Available for Full Talk/Listen Configuration
  • Super-Bright, Fluorescent Displays
  • Binaural (5-Pin) Headset Connector
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Easy Upgrades
  • Enhanced Programming Keypad

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