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RTS Telex Bosch KP-32 Intercom Keypanel ADAM Cronus Zeus 90007656032 v.2.10 KP32
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For sale is ONE (1) used KP-32 intercom panel in very good working condition. It does not come with a power supply (tested on a bench one). There is a small hair line crack on top of the chassis, see photos. Panel runs on firmware v2.1.0. LCD has a green lens. There is nothing wrong with LCD - everything works fine. Photos show some glitch from the camera, like missing letters. Unit was tested. If you need more of KP-32 or KP-12 look for our other listings. The RVON board were removed and there is a hole filled with a tape. We have a few units available. One panel per listing price. Others are in same condition, with hair line cracks.

The RTS model KP-32 Classic keypanel fits in a standard 19 inch rack and is two rack spaces high. It has 32 lever keys: 30 keys are for intercom talk/listen assignment; one key is for call waiting response; and one key is for headset/microphone/program selection and volume setup. The KP-32 Classic combines all of the programmable features of the KP-12 keypanel. The KP-32 Classic features digital signal processing and binaural headset operation with left/right assignment of audio signals. It also has large, super-bright, long-life fluorescent displays with adjustable brightness control, making it suitable for all types of ambient lighting.

  • 32 Lever Keys with 30 Keys Available for Full Talk/Listen Configuration
  • Binaural 5-Pin Headset Connector
  • Super-Bright, Fluorescent Displays
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Easy Upgrades
  • Enhanced Programming Keypad

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