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Miranda Densite Frame w/ 5x VDA-1002 5x ADA-1023 1x8 Analog Video & Audio DA
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For sale is ONE (1) Miranda frame populated with analog video and audio DA cards with double backplanes. (5) ADA and (5) VDA cards. Good condition. Frame has both power supplies and ETH-CPU2 controller. Actual photos are showed. Cooling fans are a bit noisy plus one of the ps's cooling fans failed.

The 2 RU Densité Frame can simultaneously process 3G, HD, SD and analog video, as well as AES and analog audio. Its front-opening frame features dual hot-swappable power supplies (PSUs) and fans. Modules for the air-cooled frame are also hot swappable, and replacement modules can be configured automatically. All modules, redundant PSUs and fans are monitored to deliver status via GPI or an Ethernet port. Front panel multicolor LEDs provide status reporting, while a controller card allows card adjustments from the front panel.

The VDA-1002 is an analog video distribution amplifier with a differential looping input and eight outputs. Signal status is controlled from the card edge. Signal status is provided to indicate the input signal presence. The differential input provides rejection of hum and other artifacts on incoming signals.

The ADA-1023 is an analog audio DA that can be configured for single or dual channel (stereo)operation. In single channel mode, 8 outputs can be driven while in dual channel mode, each channel has four outputs. A wide range of level gain control is possible and controlled from the card edge. A signal status is also available indicating the presence of the input signal(s).The ADA-1023 requires a double rear connector panel (included).

  • Analog video differential input with passive loop-through
  • Supports NTSC and PAL video standards
  • 90 MHz analog video bandwidth
  • Control of gain from the card edge
  • Status LED and remote reporting

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