Vinten FE-165 Robotic Elevation Unit V4127 + FHR-145 Fusion Head V4102-0001 #2
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For sale is ONE (1) used Vinten Radamec Elevation unit with a Vinten Fusion FHR-145 head. Excellent to excellent+ working and cosmetic condition with some minor scratches/scuffs. Actual photos are showed. There are no controls, software or cables included. Freight charges for shipping it apply. Local pick up available from 17517 zip code. We have three FE-165 elevation units for sale with Fusion heads included. Also a few Vinten FP-188 and FP-188+ pedestals with heads attached in excellent condition. Please inquire if interested.

The Vinten Radamec FE-165 Elevation Unit offers class-leading on-air height control for maximum flexibility in large fully automated, and small production studios. The elevation unit leverages the column construction of the hugely popular FP-188 Fusion robotic pedestal paired with a brand new drive and transmission design. Every shot is captured with a high level of accuracy and the ultra-smooth slow movement ensures precise shot trimming. Utilising Vinten Radamecs ICE control architecture, the FE-165 benefits from superior start/stop motion control, allowing on-air shot trimming. Its extensive height range and exceptional speed enable rapid high to low transitions that deliver a level of creativity previously only achievable through the use of small-arm jibs. In addition, the FE-165 can be upgraded for virtual reality functionality,to deliver extra versatility to the studio.

Easy to set up, operate, and service, the FH-145 S2 Pan and Tilt Head from Vinten is designed to support typical camera and lens packages up to 145 lb. It features both manual and robotic modes that allow you to switch between free-form or pre-programmed show format. The quality fluid drag system delivers manual operation that can be used for broadcasting.

With smooth camera motion control, this head makes use of high-resolution absolute encoders and delivers an accuracy of ±0.03°. The user-friendly aesthetics and ergonomics with tilt lock add to its security, while the reconfigurable mounting cradle suits a wide range of camera, lens, and accessory payloads.

The latest in Vinten Radamecs next generation of heads, the FHR-145, demonstrates the future of broadcast robotics. The exceptional performance of the head stays true to the Vinten\\\\r\\\\nRadamec brand and provides operators with the highest quality broadcast output. The Fusion FHR-145 is the latest head to incorporate Vinten Radamec’s Intelligent Control Engineering (ICE), a forward thinking technology that delivers unprecedented control and accuracy in an innovative and highly compact form.

  • Four-bolt Mitchell fixing, Quickfix
  • Diagnostic/setup tool: Limits, feedback on shot status, GPIO, position, save data to transfer to another head, and error reporting

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